Do you long to alleviate your swollen legs and ankles? Well, now you can!

GUAM® Algae is safe during pregnancy thanks to the natural draining properties that draw out excess fluids.  GUAM® Algae naturally restores the “fluid balance” bringing relief to tired, heavy and swollen legs and ankles. Giving you an effective seaweed treatment for optimum draining!




Certified by the Royal London College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Treatment for the immediate relief of puffy and swollen legs

Dren Seaweed Mud has been especially formulated as an effective treatment for the reduction of water retention. Clinical trials prove 2cm reduction in thigh circumference after the first application. The powerful combination of GUAM® Algae, green tea, sea salt and clay draws out toxins and excess fluids. The restoring and balancing effect relieve the legs of puffiness and swelling

Apply seaweed mud to feet, ankles, legs and thighs.

Wrap with cling film.

Leave for 45 minutes. Rinse.

Use once a month to restore “fluid balance”.



Dren Seaweed Mud 500g

GUAM® DUO Seaweed Treatment

Revive ‘Tired Legs’ and reduce swelling with a GUAM® DUO treatment Clinically proven method

GUAM® DUO seaweed product line combines the clinically proven formula of GUAM® Algae, acting in synergy with the organic trace elements found in the “Earth” spring water from Noirmoutier. This water gushes out of the subsoil directly from the geological strata of the earth at a temperature of 14°C near the Atlantic coast of this French Island. Its composition is different to that of other spring water as it is very rich in trace elements. Various trials have proven increased cell vitality and an ultra-intense hydration of the epidermis. It also protects the skin against the damaging effects of environmental pollution (an anti-ageing action).

Dren Butter Scrub 200ml £26.50

GUAM® DUO Tired Legs has been designed to immediately alleviate heaviness and any swelling.  This clinically proven treatment begins with a thorough exfoliation to the legs using GUAM® Dren Butter Scrub, that starts the osmosis process and begins to drain skin tissue. Your legs are then wrapped up with bandages pre-soaked in a GUAM® Algae solution. This, in effect, alleviates heaviness and any swelling. To finish, the application of GUAM® DUO Anti-Fatigue Gel to further enhance the relief of any tiredness or heaviness on the legs….sheer bliss!


This treatment formulation is clinically proven to alleviate heaviness and any swelling. Working in synergy with the “Earth” spring water from Noirmoutier, various trials of the GUAM® Algae Solution (Carnitine, Caffeine, Centella, Menthol)  show that it stimulates drainage.

This treatment formulation is clinically proven to bring immediate relief to tired and heavy legs. In vitro tests show that the blend of “Earth” spring water from Noirmoutier, GUAM® Algae, Palmaria Palmata and Red Grape extract contribute to relieve tired, heavy and swollen legs and ankles.

GUAM® DUO Bandages 200ml £32.00

Soaked in an Algae Cooling solution.

In just 20 minutes, these bandages pre-soaked in the GUAM® Algae solution, will, in effect, alleviate heaviness and any swelling.

Reusable - add 50ml of the GUAM® DUO Refill Liquid to re-soak bandages for your next treatment.

GUAM® DUO Anti-Fatigue Cooling Gel for Legs 100ml £32.00

A natural blend of Red Algae, Red Grape Extract and trace elements of Earth Spring Water.


Immediate relief for Tired, Heavy and Swollen Legs. Apply anytime day or night.

GUAM® DUO Breast Firming Treatment Cream 150ml £42.00

This treatment formulation is clinically proven to prevent stretch marks and reduce the visibility of existing ones. Working in synergy with the “Earth” spring water from Noirmoutier, in vitro tests of the GUAM® Algae, Chlorella Vulgaris, show that it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. At the same time it limits the action of the enzymes responsible for the degradation of these proteins that support the skin (anti-elastase and anti-collagenases). Clinical trials show an improved skin elasticity and skin firmness, resulting in the reduction of stretch marks and their “colour” after a 28 day treatment (Morphological measurements were used in these trials).


GUAM® DUO Anti-Stretch Mark Treatment Cream

For body and breast 200ml  £42.50

This treatment formulation is clinically proven to give outstanding skin firming, reduce blemishes and prevent stretch marks. Working in synergy with the “Earth” spring water from Noirmoutier, in vitro tests of the GUAM® Algaes, Macrocystis Pyrifera and Nannochloropsis Oculata, show that they help maintain elasticity of the skin of the breast. The immediate tightening effect makes the skin toned and firm.

Apply liberally to the areas with existing stretch marks or to areas prone to stretch marks until fully absorbed.

Apply twice a day, morning and evening, using circular motion from the base of the breast towards the neck until completely absorbed.

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